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Spam Policy

Our company complies with all the laws which dictate the requirements for
sending commercial emails.

All of our Email Recipients have opted-in to the category they requested!
Each and every recipient has agreed to receive email advertisements from us!

When a lead signs up on one of ours, or one of our partners websites, we collect all
their basic information plus Time-Stamp and IP Address! This enables us to keep
track of all our opted-in subscribers.

It's important to state that our system honors ALL unsubscribes immediatly!

All email messages sent from our servers contain the following disclaimer:

"This is an advertisement. You have opted-in to our service via one of our websites.
To unsubscribe please visit or you can also
send an email to . If you wish to unsubscribe by regular
mail, simply send a letter to and make sure to include
the email address you want deleted from our lists!"

We do not utilize, or offer spamming services. We also urge you not to as well.

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