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Opt In Email Marketing

The Benefits Of Opt In Email Marketing

Mail marketing is one of the oldest and most cost effective methods of reaching out to prospective clients. With the advent of the internet, email marketing has taken the place of regular mail marketing, since this is more effective and cheaper than real time mailing. However, with anti spamming laws becoming tougher and customers becoming smarter, it has become a challenge to put your message across to your desired target audience. But thanks to opt-in email marketing, businesses can still avail the advantages of email marketing.

Opt-in email marketing or permission based email marketing refers to sending promotional mails only to people who opt-in for receiving these mails while filling out forms or give you prior permission for receiving promotional mails. Even though opt-in email marketing is not required by business law everywhere, it can be defined as a "best practice" that not only keeps consumers and law makers happy, it is also much more efficient and cost effective than other forms of email marketing. Some of the major benefits of opt in email marketing are:

Opt In Email Marketing Is Cheaper: Opt in email marketing is the most cost effective form of email marketing. This is because creating opt-in lists through forms and emails is definitely cheaper than buying pre-created email lists. On the other hand, the return on investment is definitely greater with opt in email marketing because consumers are actually interested in receiving your mails and acting upon them.

Opt In Email Marketing Leads To Higher Conversions: When people opt in to receive certain kinds of mails or promotions, they do so because they are genuinely interested in the offers or the information that they will be receiving. Therefore, these people will always be more inclined to click on links or buy products as a result of email marketing, thus leading to higher rates of conversion than what you would get with forced mailing or opt out mailing.

With Opt In Email Marketing, You Only Reach Your Target Audience: When you give people the option of receiving certain kinds of offers or literature and they opt in to receive your mails, then it is certain indication of the fact that the person opting in to get your mails is highly interested in your products and your offers. With opt in e-mailing; you only reach out to your target audience without wasting any time or effort on people who are not interested.

Opt In Email Marketing Improves Your Reputation: Many good companies spoil their reputation badly by sending unsolicited mails that are labeled as spam and blocked by all major mailing clients. On the other hand, with opt in email marketing, you not only build your reputation as a decent and honorable business concern, you can also garner the good will of your clients by sending them useful information and offers in your mails.

With Opt In Email Advertising, You Stay On The Right Side Of The Law: Every year companies are losing thousands of dollars as fines for sending unsolicited emails. By going for opt in advertising, you not only safeguard yourself from anti spam laws, you also protect yourself from any future lawsuits that might cost you both money and reputation.

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