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How To Grow Your Opt In Email List

Gone are the days when people used to check each and every mail they received just to see what they had received. As of now, all of us are more prone to deleting mails than opening them, what with the large amount of spam and unsolicited mails that we keep getting everyday. In fact, there are a large number of people, yours truly included, who do not mind erasing a relevant mail or two as long as they are saved from reading emails that they did not want to get. Couple this with the fact that email marketing is still one of the most effective and efficient methods of advertising and you actually have quite a dilemma on your hands. However, thanks to opt in email policies, you can now populate your email list with addresses of people who actually want to receive promotional material from you and leave the rest of the public well alone.

Having only opt-in subscribers on your email list has a lot of benefits. For one, you now have a database of people who actually form your target customer base. After all, no one who is not interested in your products and services will ever sign up to receive mails from you. On the other hand, people who actually want to receive mails and offers from your company will also act upon information received, read your material and avail the offers that you send them. Sending emails to an opt-in email list will also give you higher conversions and better ROIs than all other forms of email marketing. Therefore, if you do not have an opt-in email list with you, then it is high time that you started compiling one.

Some of the main ways by which you can grow your email list are:

Give people visiting your website the opportunity to opt in for your mails at all the places where you get to meet them. This would constitute all the pages on your website and all the emails that you send to your customers confirming transactions or while offering customer support.

Another great method of populating your opt in email list is by tying up with businesses selling complementary products. For example, if you sell office stationery, then you may tie up with companies and websites selling office machinery or equipment and ask them to place links to your website or to your registration page on their sites while you do the same for them.

Always offer a unique selling proposition to your email clients or to the people on your email list so as to keep them interested in getting your mails even after six months or an year. Apart from giving them valuable information, it is a good idea to have some email special deals, discounts for email subscribers or free shipping for the people on your email list so that they stay interested and welcome your emails.

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